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Halogen-free, low-smoke, low-toxic flame retardants are the goal people pursue

Flame retardants are classified into organic and inorganic. Organic flame retardants are flame retardants represented by bromine, nitrogen, red phosphorus and compounds. They are mostly used in materials with low temperature resistance in plastic products. Inorganic flame retardants are mainly flame retardant systems such as antimony trioxide, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, and silicon. Based on the excellent thermal stability of inorganic materials, they can be used for flame retardant and fireproofing of substrates in high temperature environments. Anti-oxidation, etc. At present, the variety and consumption of domestic flame retardants are mainly based on organic flame retardants. Although it has unparalleled high efficiency of other flame retardants, its harm to the environment and human body cannot be ignored. Therefore, halogen-free, low-smoke and low-toxic flame retardants are the pursuit of people. Inorganic flame retardants are based on their own advantages of high temperature resistance, halogen-free, low-smoke and low toxicity. A flame retardant with a greater potential.



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