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About melamine cyanurate (MCA) Flame retardant

1. MCA Features:

Besides the flame retardant mechanism of sublimation absorption, MCA releases non-gas energy to make the solidified carbon layer expand and dilute the concentration of gas-phase fuel. The N-class substances generated can also capture free radicals and inhibit the continuous combustion of polymers. The properties of MCA flame retardant nylon are closely related to its dispersion, so MCA mastergrain is recommended.
2. Flame retardant mechanism of MCA:

Cooling resin system by endothermic reaction

The heat from the burning of the resin is absorbed by the endothermic reaction of the MCA decomposition into melamine and cyanuric acid, and the heat from the burning of the resin is absorbed by the sublimation of melamine.

Dilute combustible gases and oxygen in the solidified and gas phases

The production of non-flammable gases by MCA decomposition dilutes the resin decomposition to produce combustible gases and the ambient oxygen of the resin.

3.play a role in the solidification phase

The breakdown of MCA produces cyanuric acid, which ensures that the dripping resin will not burn, even in the case of accelerated degradation of nylon.



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