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Market status and variety trend of flame retardant materials

Since the 1980s, flame retardants have become the additives with the largest amount of synthetic materials after plasticizers. According to statistics, about 18% of the world’s plastics are flame-retardant. Based on the annual plastic consumption of 150 million tons, the annual consumption of flame-retardant plastics is 27 million tons. According to preliminary statistics, the global annual consumption of textiles this year is about 3.3 million tons. With the addition of flame-retardant rubber and coatings, the current global annual consumption of flame-retardant materials is about 30 million tons. According to the statistics of D. Edridge scholar, the global flame-retardant consumption reached 1.95 million tons in 2008 and the consumption in 2014 About 2.6 million tons. According to data, the more economically developed areas, the greater the consumption of flame retardants. Facts have proved that after 2002, with the development of the economy, the consumption of flame retardants in other parts of Asia has grown very much. By 2011, it accounted for 35% of the global flame retardant consumption, becoming the global flame retardant consumption. The largest area. In terms of the application varieties of flame retardants, the consumption of non-halogen flame retardants in developed countries greatly exceeds that of halogen flame retardants, while the consumption of flame retardants in developing countries in Asia is still dominated by halogen flame retardants.
The issue of the earth and its resources has attracted people’s attention since the 1980s. This poses new challenges to traditional flame retardants and their use evaluation methods. On the other hand, it provides new impetus for the development of flame retardants. Such as the development of high-tech and the improvement of environmental awareness, flame retardant materials still occupy a place and full of vitality in the research and application of new materials.



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