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Use a lighter to test whether the flame retardant performance of flame retardants is feasible-Flame retardant for XPS

In general, the test of the common convenient quick key to prevent the burning agent from burning is mainly to test with a lighter. Red phosphorus flame retardant has no toxicity hazard during use, has the advantages of small addition amount, insoluble, high melting point, etc. Brominated flame retardants are easy to use and can be directly added in the post-processing of textiles to complete the whole process of finishing at room temperature. So is it feasible to test the performance of the sample with a lighter? Directly use a lighter to test the product to prevent combustion. For the halogen system, it is easier to judge, because the mechanism of the system determines the degree of compactness of the product has little effect on the combustion prevention effect. The same goes for the hydroxide system.Flame retardant for XPS

However, for nitrogen and phosphorus-based char formation to prevent combustion, due to the char formation mechanism, the compactness of the product has a greater impact on preventing combustion. For example, the freshly extruded sliver has a limited compactness and there may be some pores inside, which has side effects on carbon formation. , And after injection molding, the compactness of the product is greatly enhanced, and the char formation effect is more rapid. When the halogen-free flame retardant burns, the amount of smoke is small, and no toxic or corrosive gas is produced. Halogen-free flame retardant additives are mainly phosphorus compounds and metal hydroxides. Therefore, when using a lighter to test the flame retardant, you must distinguish the object, so that the test result will be more accurate and it is easier to distinguish the flame retardant grade of the flame retardant.



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