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Several conditions for drying high white aluminum hydroxide-CPVC Compound

Aluminum hydroxide is widely used in different fields. Its moisture directly affects the quality of the product. Therefore, the moisture content of aluminum hydroxide is also an important indicator to measure the quality of aluminum hydroxide. Let me introduce the drying conditions of high white aluminum hydroxide.CPVC Compound

1. Increasing the drying temperature and prolonging the drying time can increase the L value of aluminum hydroxide and decrease the b value.

2. When the drying temperature is increased to above 135°C, aluminum hydroxide begins to remove crystal water.

3. When the drying temperature is less than 135°C, as the water content of aluminum hydroxide decreases, the L value increases and the b value decreases.

In the production process of high white aluminum hydroxide, appropriately increasing the drying temperature to 110~120°C and controlling the drying time for 5~10min can reduce the water content of aluminum hydroxide, increase the aluminum hydroxide L value, and reduce the aluminum hydroxide b value. Thereby improving the quality of high white aluminum hydroxide products.



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