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What is the flame retardant mechanism of TCPP/TCEP phosphorus flame retardants?-Matting agent

  The flame retardant mechanism of TCPP/TCEP phosphorous flame retardants is mainly to form an isolation film to achieve the flame retardant effect. There are two ways to form an isolation film.

   Matting agent

       (1) The thermal degradation products of flame retardants are used to promote rapid dehydration and carbonization of the polymer surface, and then form a carbonized layer. Since elemental carbon does not undergo evaporative combustion and decomposition combustion to generate flames, it has a flame-retardant protective effect. The flame retardant effect of phosphorus flame retardants on oxygen-containing polymers is achieved in this way. The reason is that the final product obtained by thermal decomposition of phosphorus-containing compounds is polymetaphosphoric acid, which is a strong dehydrating agent.


       (2) Phosphorus-based flame retardants decompose at the combustion temperature to produce a non-volatile glass-like substance, which coats the surface of the polymer. This dense protective layer acts as an isolation layer.



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