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New type of subway train TCEP has strong flame retardant and fireproof performance-CPVC Compound

Gray carriages, light green lines, and distinctive "Peking Opera face" fronts... On August 23, the first train of Beijing Metro Line 16 manufactured by CRRC Qingdao Sifang Locomotive Co., Ltd. was delivered in Beijing. This car is the first type 8A subway train adopted in Beijing. It is known as the "most fire-resistant subway train" in China. It can carry thousands of people more than the mainstream subway trains currently in operation. The TCPP and TCEP flame retardant standards are also up to In accordance with the most stringent international standards, it will be formally "started" by the end of the year.

CPVC Compound

 "Peking Opera Face" has unique shape

  In the case of increased passenger capacity, the car pays more attention to safety, with multiple functions such as fire prevention, anti-collision, and anti-pinch to ensure the safety of passengers. The vehicle adopts the most stringent British BS6853 fire protection standard. In the event of a fire, it can effectively flame retardant and reduce harmful gas emissions. The floor structure can ensure that it will not be damaged within 30 minutes in the event of a sudden fire.

  With TCPP, TCEP flame retardant fire-proof and anti-pinching, we feel that our safe travel has been further guaranteed. I can’t wait to see such an anticipated subway train!



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