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  • Halogen free flame retardant masterbatch
Halogen free flame retardant masterbatch

Halogen free flame retardant masterbatch

  • Product description: Halogen free flame retardant masterbatch

ProFlame® EFPP

Environment-friendly PP Flame Retardant Masterbatch for UL94-V0. Developing its effectiveness through phosphorus/nitrogen synergism. When incorporated into polyolefine, it shows high processing stability and no migration. When the polyolefin on exposure to flame, the carbon foam layer formed protects the polymer through its heat insulating effect to reduce further oxygen access and prevent dripping of the polymer. At the same time there are no halogen hydride gases to cause.

ProFlame® MC40/50

MC40/50 Masterbatch can be incorporated to a polymer in conjunction with flame retardant and other additives directly. The Impact strength of polymers with this masterbatch is remarkably improved as compared to MCA powder.

ProFlame® RP50/70

RP50/70 Masterbatch is made from micro-capsules encapsulated red phosphorus and polyamide or EVA carrier with stabilizer and lubricant system .It is designed to eliminate the inhalation of dust and skin contact of powder in producing and granule type also overcome disadvantage of easy to fire in storage and using are more secure.

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